Almond biscuit forming machine

2019-04-09 137

Almond biscuit forming machine

Technical parameters

productivity: 56 PCS/min

power sources: AC380V / 50 hz

Total power: 1.7 KW

Machine weight : 500 kg

Overall dimensions: (length * width * height)

2100*2100*1500 mm


 Almond biscuit forming machine

Main performance and structure features

     Almond biscuit forming machine adopts automatic equipment to cylindrical cam import divider for dividing device, using intermittent feeding. Powder falling and sandwich are automatic, simplifies the process, greatly improving the production efficiency, the machine is suitable for almond cakes and fried rice cake production, Material for bread contain peanut and sesame seeds and other dry materials. The size of the pie and patterns according to user's requirement, the equipment is equipped with automatic drop basin discharging device, the periphery are made of stainless steel plate sealing, clean and beautiful, suitable for food production requirements. The machine is so great that with simple operation and stable performance.