What are the characteristics of automatic tank sealing machine

2019-03-23 154

1. Unmanned operation, automatic lower cover and sealing, according to the rising trend of labor price level, the equipment will become the mainstream model;

2. The tank body is not rotated in the process of tank sealing. It protects the product and the tank body better, has high processing precision and the sealing quality is better than the domestic similar products.

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3. The output power of the machine is 2-3 times as much as that of the semi-automatic sealing machine, and because of the selection of full-automatic lower cover and sealing equipment, the labor and cost are saved and the output power is increased.

4. It is suitable for sealing all kinds of round standard cans, such as tin cans, aluminium alloy cans, paper cans, etc. Its operation is simple and easy to learn. It is an ambitious equipment for food, beverage, pharmacy, chemical industry and other professions.

5. It is suitable for sealing or sealing the bottom of plastic cans, tin cans, paper cans or aluminum cans.