automatic egg roll making machine

2019-04-09 188

automatic egg roll making machine

Technical parameters

Total power: 23 kw

power sources: AC380 V/50HZ

Productivity: 10 to 18 per minute (20 kg/H)

Compressed air: less than 0.5 MPA

Equipment weight: 1100 kg

Overrall dimensions: (length *width* height ):3500 X 1000 X 1000 mm

automatic egg roll making machine


Main performance and structure features


           automatic egg roll making machine is   alternative hand-made egg roll forming equipment,(grouting - roasting - molding -taking out) are using PLC procedure to control, using high quality  electrical components and      mechanical transmission parts, can make the machine has     stable performance, and low failure rate; The equipment  has four groups of the template, using the left and right sides is symmetrical automatic operation, a process can  produce four pieces of egg roll, highly  efficient  production  capacity can reach in a short time.