Automatic Cream Injection Machine for Hollow Biscuits

2019-04-09 123

Technical parameters

1. Frequency converter:using XiAn Bosch rexroth. Other appliances adopt domestic brands

2. Productivity: 700 pcs/ min

3.Total power: 9 KW

4.power sources: AC380 V/50HZ

5.Compressed air: less than 0.4 MPA

6. Equipment weight: 1100 kg

7. Overall dimensions:        (length *width* height ):3900*950*1500mm

8.conveyor belt: 

Location hole size 32MM, diameter 26MM. Two  specifications. (note that the biscuit cannot be greater than 30MM in diameter)

9 .The success rate of automatic loaves is about 80% - 100%.

10.Equipment structure: machine rotation and pneumatic combination.

11.Template materials: aluminum alloy. Number of templates: 86 pieces

12.Number of wool sweeps: 3.

13.Template size: 450mmx73mmmx13mm

14.Template positioning hole distribution: two rows, each row 11 holes

15,Equipment hopper: stainless steel 304.The seal plate outside are using Stainless steel 201