Application Method of Fully Automatic Egg Roll Machine

2019-03-23 143

The automatic egg roll machine is progressing continuously, its function is progressing continuously, and the corresponding application is also somewhat complicated. But here Jiangmen Food Equipment Xiaobian tells us that the use of egg rollers is quite different:

1. Firstly, the machine is installed: after opening the box, after loading the handle, six pairs of egg roll moulds must be cleaned and cleaned with clean water. Together, the stove is put on the support frame to connect the gas pipeline.

2. Second preparation: use electronic lighter to light the stove and adjust the stove to the appropriate size. Then turn the handle and heat the egg roll mould evenly to about 200 degrees.

Jiangmen Food Equipment

3. Egg roll processing: using an afterburner to open the mold, using a brush to coat the mold with edible oil, using a medium-sized spoon to mix the paste evenly placed in the center of the egg roll mold clamp, clamp the mold can be, sequential operation to the sixth egg roll mold, the first plate is now mature, at this time can be taken out, and then in the pouring paste, continue sequential cycle operation.

4. Final cleaning machine: After using the machine, don't leave the machine alone. After cooling, carefully tidy the fuselage for the next use.