What are the criteria for choosing Jiangmen food equipment?

2019-03-23 161

1. Advanced technology. Machinery and equipment are advanced in function, with high cost ratio, perfect in function, low in work and maintenance cost, low in material consumption and energy consumption per unit product, high in processing degree and processing ability, stable in equipment work, low in investment and product cost, high in productivity and productivity, and long in service life; advanced in technology, high in technology content, are conducive to the promotion of pre-technology. Advanced competitiveness, with industrialization basis, can constitute a new economic growth point, in line with sustainable development; equipped with advanced level, reasonable equipment structure, exquisite manufacturing, high degree of connectivity, mechanization and automation, with higher security and cleaning requirements.

2. Strong applicability. Custom shopping mall changes. Habitual changes in local natural, economic and social conditions, the same production line hopes to carry out multi-level in-depth processing, have the ability to conduct production conditioning, has broad prospects for development, is conducive to opening up domestic and foreign shopping malls; matching with the characteristics of inputs, overall consideration of resource supply, processing requirements of habitual materials and other auxiliary materials; when the selected machinery and equipment uses the same inputs, as far as possible. Achieve a broader product mix than other mechanical equipment; Habit technology requirements should be matched with the intent to produce talent, the primary equipment and auxiliary equipment should be matched with each other; meet the process requirements, ensure the output value and quality; Habit with the creation of planning, product plans, meet the application requirements and maintenance requirements under existing technical conditions; Habit with safety and environmental protection, ensure that. Safe production, minimize the "three wastes" emissions; according to ergonomic criteria, consider the impact of machinery and equipment on the environment and operators.

3. High reliability. High maturity of machinery and equipment. The equipment that has been fully verified and used should not be used at risk to choose equipment that has been converted to production without pilot test, new equipment that has not been produced in practice or has technical difficulties in passing on to others should not be blindly selected; the production is safe and stable, and risks to personnel should not be created; harmful substances that exceed the national standards and regulations should not be discharged to the workplace and the atmosphere; and those that exceed the national standards and regulations should not occur. Noise, vibration, radiation and other pollution. Long service life, long working time without faults of machinery and equipment, if the faults of machinery and equipment can be corrected when put into operation, they can not be corrected again when applied to a certain limit. The equipment without clear rules is usually considered according to the planned life of 20 years, and the service life is specified in detail from its rules.

4. Technology and economy are reasonable. The choice of machinery and equipment is to stay at home as far as possible, because the price of domestic equipment is cheap, the selection of machinery and equipment should consider domestic treatment as far as possible; if domestic machinery and equipment can not meet the process requirements, production requirements, quality requirements, etc., then consider setting up foreign equipment; equipment allocation should be balanced and reasonable, considering the inductive economy of the whole production line, requiring equipment allocation and tight connection. To collect, balance, reconcile, and make productivity by advancing labor; to advance technological and economic value, to compare repetitive technological and economic schemes, to analyze the technological and economic benefits of various schemes, and to select equipment selection schemes with small investment, low cost, high profit and reasonable economy.