How Jiangmen Food Equipment Enterprises Should Do Well in After-sales Work

2019-03-23 161

Advice on the use of equipment:

In the use and maintenance of equipment, generally speaking, Jiangmen Food Equipment Enterprises with large production capacity and high scientific and technological content need to consider.

Due to the constraints of geographical and linguistic factors, the treatment of foreign food machinery and equipment manufacturers is not as accurate as that of domestic enterprises in time. Domestic food machinery and equipment enterprises need to grasp the disadvantage of foreign enterprises tightly, give full play to their own advantages, and constantly improve the quality of after-sales service to grab more consumers.

Dealing with equipment shortcomings:

Equipment shortcomings are the primary component of after-sales maintenance, and their impact on food enterprises is enormous. Some people have calculated that proper and timely handling of after-sales problems of equipment can increase customers by two to thirty percent. In fact, there are two stages of "timely" dividend. One is when the problem is just emerging and the production line has not collapsed. At this stage, General Electric put forward a treatment plan. After the "digital twins" model of machinery and equipment is built, the "twins" dynamic is closely tracked, and the equipment manufacturing enterprises have a good grasp of the status of machinery and equipment. When these data indicate that the function of the machine is declining, technicians can intervene before the machine shows signs of shortcomings, but they do not need to shut down the production line. Now, 650,000 pairs of twins are in operation, and companies using guesswork maintenance technology are emerging. Another stage is the shortcomings of equipment in the future. Now most enterprises'after-sales maintenance stays at this stage. The most basic after-sales maintenance for food machinery and equipment enterprises is to analyze and deal with the problems presented by equipment accurately, which will not be repeated here.

How to maintain the talent shortage?

With the approaching of 2025, food machinery and equipment are developing towards intellectualization and automation. In this process, higher requirements are put forward for operators and repairmen. It is necessary for them to be professionals with sufficient theoretical knowledge, but they are short of professionals in practice. In this case, how do food machinery and equipment enterprises carry out after-sales maintenance?

Use Enhanced Practice Glasses for Remote Help. If the experience of on-site maintenance personnel is insufficient to deal with equipment problems, they can wear enhanced practical glasses, so that equipment experts can see the on-site situation, and then teach the batch improvement process remotely. For those enterprises with equipment but insufficient technicians, this service can be said to be very considerate in dealing with their problems.

In a word, the traditional after-sales maintenance method is still an increasingly high-tech maintenance method. As Jiangmen Food Equipment Enterprise, we should have knowledge of product maintenance. We should know that one of the important incentives to promote customers'second consumption is after-sales maintenance. In the new era, how to combine high and new technology to provide timely and proper after-sales maintenance for customers, and how to make great efforts to study.