What kind of omelet machine is it?

2019-03-23 422

What kinds of egg rollers are there?

Egg rollers are now divided into two categories, the first is the difference in raw materials. One is the spray-painted six-sided gas-fired egg rollers, the other is the stainless steel egg rollers. Most of the structures of the two types are the same and the differences are slight.

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Operating Principle of Egg Roller: The machine is made of thick stainless steel plate. The top and bottom of the machine are made of thick cast iron template, which overcomes the defect of high temperature resistance, easy deformation and damage, Active Pneumatic Capping equipment, sealing, rapid delivery of products, etc. Through the arrangement and combination of various components to produce a variety of high-quality multi-flavor products. The transmission part is processed by special technology. The imported heating pipe equipment has good heat resistance. The limit enhances the economic use. The inner heating pipe layout is reasonable. The egg roll is heated evenly and the color is bright. The device can dispatch and control temperature equipment. The temperature control plan is 50 to 360 degrees Celsius. In the process of production, the heating, cooling and temperature control are more accurate, which ensures the superior quality of the product. Good safety, high temperature resistance, can ensure the continuous production of products, high efficiency, is now the domestic market to produce high-quality egg rolls aspiration equipment. The operation is simple, the adjustment is sensitive, the special filling equipment is selected, the new forming principle is adopted, the product has beautiful appearance and uniform size. The structure of Double-Twisted cage is used in the feed structure, and the frequency conversion speed regulation can be carried out to arbitrarily control the amount of noodles and fillings. It has good operation and wide application. Various kinds of food can be made according to the variety of skin and filling. The structure is reasonable, the closure is formed, and the system is driven by an independent motor. Not easy to break out, easy to maintain and clean.