Points for Attention in Jiangmen Food Baking Equipment

2019-03-23 435

Because of the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the acceleration of life rhythm, the demand for all kinds of small packaged leisure food and special flavor food is increasing day by day. At the same time, the quality requirements of products are very high, with complete color, fragrance and taste, and the nutrient requirements of products are required to be preserved to the maximum extent, without excessive use of preservatives, in order to satisfy the shelf life of products. Manufacturers have brought some difficulties. In the sterilization and preservation of bagged food, microwave penetration, non-destructive nutrients and low temperature sterilization show obvious advantages. In this way, Jiangmen Food Baking Equipment came into being.

Practice shows that Jiangmen food baking equipment and food sterilization equipment can be widely used in various cooked foods and beverages. Microwave technology is now widely used in the heating, drying and sterilization of meat products, and successfully pushed the product to the market with good results. If this meat product does not use the fresh-keeping skills of food baking equipment and microwave food sterilization equipment, it will be corroded in about three days, seriously affecting the sales and not reaching the expected economic benefits.

Jiangmen Food Baking Equipment

In the whole process of systematic production of cooked food, arranging a period of microwave sterilization and fresh-keeping technology will solve the key technique of extending food fresh-keeping. After microwave sterilization, the freshness, tenderness and flavor of meat products will remain the same. The hygienic index can be completely lower than the national food hygiene standard. The shelf storage time can reach 6-7 months. The successful use of microwave sterilization and fresh-keeping skills for meat products. From the original shelf life of 3 days to 6 - 7 months, this skill has been improved to a new stage.

For food in bags or bottles, microwave can penetrate through the food and medicine in packaging and packaging for sterilization, while packaging materials such as PET plastics, glass, paper, ceramics and so on, because they do not absorb microwave, they will not heat, so the products are more sanitary and avoid secondary pollution. However, it should be noted that because metal and aluminum foil can reflect microwave without penetration, so packaging materials can not choose metal materials or may contain metal components.

Secondly, when microwave is used to treat bags or bottled medicines and food, the air pressure will rise because of the heat of the food and medicines in the package. If the air pressure is completely sealed and the air pressure is too high, the air pressure may break through the package. It can be sterilized by microwave and sealed or capped quickly. After sealing, it should be placed in pressure vessel and sterilized by microwave. After vacuum packaging, microwave food sterilization equipment is used to sterilize.

Above is the introduction of Jiangmen food baking equipment and food sterilization equipment. I hope you can enjoy it.